As most gun lovers already know, the Powers (knuckleheads) That Be and their seemingly arbitrary definitions and lists have pretty much outlawed many, man semi-autos in New York City. I've had my eyes on a Springfield National Match in Walnut stock, for many years. Unfortunately, and inexplicably (yes I know about the suppressor and bayonet mount), the M1A is on the "black gun" (a.k.a., "Assault Weapon") list by name. I don't get it. Maybe its because it looks scary in black poly? Who the hell knows.

Are there any New York City compliant, semi-auto, center-fire rifles available? At this point, my frustration has reached the point where I just may have to rethink my considerations and "settle" for a "safe" bolt-action Remington 700 variant. We all know that the 700, and it's 5-round clip, are far less less lethal than the M1A right? The Remington makes deer bleed less quickly I suppose... sigh.